Cle Elum & South Cle Elum

The Cle Elum service area is located in the Cascade Mountains in Upper Kittitas County in central Washington. The name Cle Elum, which means “swift water” in the language of the Kittitas Indians, was given not only to the city, but to a river and to the beautiful serene Lake Cle Elum, part of the Yakama Nation Tribes.  Lake Cle Elum brings in many different recreational activities from fishing, boating and other water sports, to hiking and other outdoor adventures.  What was once a booming town for coal mining, railroading and saw milling, Cle Elum is now recognized as a recreational area due to its location and seasonal weather.  Cle Elum experiences four very extreme seasons.  Inland Networks has been providing Internet, Cable TV, and Security Services in the Cle Elum areas since 2005.  The estimated current population for Cle Elum is 1870 residents.  The overall service area consists of approximately 41 linear miles.

Cle Elum and South Cle Elum Services

CABLE View Channel List
Basic Cable $35.00/ per mo.
Expanded Basic $72.00/ per mo.
Expanded Plus $87.00/ per mo.
Ultimate $120.00/ per mo.
Digital Converter Box (DCT) $3.00/ per mo.
High Definition DCT $5.00/ per mo.
HD DVR Box $12.00/ per mo.
Premium Channels: View Premium Channel List
Encore & Starz $12.00/ per mo.
Cinemax $9.00/ per mo.
HBO $18.00/ per mo.
Showtime/The Movie Channel $15.00/ per mo.
NFL Red Zone $50.00/season


Cable Internet NEW Bronze – Up to 1Mbps/5Mbps $28.00/ per mo.

Cable Internet NEW Silver – Up to 3Mbps/10Mbps
– Packaged with TV Cable Service


$48.00/ per mo.
$38.00/ per mo.


Cable Internet NEW Gold – Up to 3Mbps/20Mbps
– Packaged with TV Cable Service


$58.00/ per mo.
$48.00/ per mo.


Cable Internet NEW Platinum – Up to 5Mbps/50Mbps
– Packaged with TV Cable Service


$78.00/ per mo.
$68.00/ per mo.


Wireless Cable Modem Rental


$8.00/ per mo.



Service Level 1 –  up to 128 Kb / 128 Kb $39.95/ per mo.
Service Level 2 – up to 1 Mb / 1 Mb $64.95/ per mo.
Wireless includes one time installation and equipment costs of $350 to $800.


SECURITY Residential Home Monitoring $25.00/ per mo. – Call for installation quote
Emergency Medical Alert Monitoring $25.00/ per mo.
Optional Voice Communication $5.00/ per mo.
Pendent Rental $5.00/ per mo.
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Taxes, fees, and other charges are not included in the above pricing. Installation fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Service may not be available in all areas. Activation of service may be subject to credit approval, deposit, or prepayment. All pricing, packages, and programming are subject to change without notice.