Privacy Policy

Inland Internet, a department of Inland Telephone Company, Inc., has adopted the following privacy policy in order to demonstrate its commitment to providing you with the service you expect while also seeking to protect your privacy rights.

A. Revisions to policy

Use of the Inland Internet’s services constitutes your acknowledgement of this privacy policy as well as your agreement to the terms of Inland Internet’s Acceptable Use Policy. Inland Internet reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time and continued use of services will be deemed to constitute your agreement to the revised privacy policy. Changes to this privacy policy will be posted on the Internet at a page accessible from Inland Internet may, but is under no obligation to, notify you by email when changes are made to the privacy policy and will endeavor to notify you prospectively of any anticipated change.

B. Contact

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or about information gathered by Inland Internet, please contact Inland Internet at:
Privacy Policy Coordinator
Inland Internet
P.O. Box 171
103 S. 2nd Street
Roslyn, Washington 98941
Tel. No.: (509) 649-4638

C. Affiliates

Inland Internet does not at this time share information about you with other Inland Telephone Company affiliates, but may do so in the future after posting a change to this policy pursuant to Paragraph A above.

D. Government requests

Inland Internet may disclose information about you upon the request of law enforcement agencies or other government agencies and whenever required by law or whenever determined by Inland Internet to be necessary to protect the safety of its customers, employees or property. You agree that Inland Internet shall be under no obligation to prevent the use by law enforcement agencies of any lawful technology which may collect information from the Inland Internet Service, but may attempt to do so in its discretion.

E. Use of “Cookies”

Cookies are small data files that websites may save onto the hard drive of the user’s computer for record keeping purposes when a user visits the website. Inland Internet and other services that may be accessed through the Inland Internet services may use cookies to store preferences, record session information, record the Internet pages you access or visit, record other user-specific information, alert you to matters that Inland Internet or the specific service provider believes could be of interest to you, record past activity, ensure rotation of banner ads, customize web page content based on your browser type or on other information that you have provided or that has been gathered, or for other purposes. Advertisers may also save cookies to the a user’s computer-a practice considered standard on the Internet. Inland Internet has no control over the use of cookies by advertisers or other third parties. Cookies and the activities of advertisers and other third parties are not subject to this privacy policy. Internet browsers are often initially configured to allow the use of cookies and can usually be set to refuse cookies or to alert the user when cookies are being sent. You should note that that some websites may not function properly when a browser is set to refuse cookies.

F. Use of collected information

Inland Internet may routinely collect information relating to email such as the time, date, server utilized and routing information. To mitigate email abuse, email may be scanned programatically. All or parts of email messages may be retained for a period of time for customer convenience and Inland Internet internal purposes.

Inland Internet may also routinely collect information relating to your level (time and amount) of usage.To mitigate email abuse, email may be scanned programatically. All or parts of email messages may be retained for a period of time for customer convenience and Inland Internet internal purposes. Select data about your usage may be made available to you online to enable you to monitor your level of usage and otherwise better understand your account. You may on occasion provide Inland Internet or another service provider with information about you when requesting information, products, or services. Inland Internet and third party service providers may collect such information (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), may use the information for various purposes, such as to notify you about matters that may be of interest to you, and may share such information with third parties who wish to notify you about matters that may be of interest to you.

G. IP addresses

An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to temporarily identify a person’s computer when the computer is connected Internet. Web servers identify specific computers by their IP address and when a specific page is requested from a website, its servers record the computer’s IP address. An IP address is assigned to an Inland Internet user when the user logs in. The assignment of an IP address is generally accomplished anonymously, but under normal operation, such as when sending email or accessing a restricted web page that requires a login to be accessed, a user’s login or email address may become associated with a given IP address. Such information is used by Inland Internet for administrative purposes and is not released to third parties except as specified elsewhere in this policy. An IP address may be manually cross referenced to identify who is using an IP at a particular time in order to evaluate potential security related activity. Aggregate information, which may include the pages accessed by an IP address or specific information volunteered by users, may be collected by Inland Internet or by third parties through various methods and may be used for the purposes of system administration, to provide aggregate data to advertisers, or for other purposes.

H. Limited application of privacy policy

This privacy policy applies only to the services provided to you by Inland Internet, a department of Inland Telephone Company, Inc. This policy does not apply to or in any way govern your relationship, if any, with Inland Telephone Company generally or with any of its other affiliates, departments or divisions. Inland Internet’s services offer links to the websites of third parties. Inland Internet has no control over, makes no representations regarding, and is not responsible for, the privacy practices of such third-party sites.

I. Security of information, including credit card numbers

Inland Internet monitors its computing systems for evidence of security violations and hacking, but due to the nature of computing systems can not make any representation or warranty regarding the security of its systems or the information contained thereon. You assume all risks of a security breach. In the event that Inland Internet collects social security numbers, credit card information or other information that should reasonably be expected to be maintained securely, Inland Internet will utilize industry standard security measures to protect against the loss, misuse or unauthorized disclosure of the information under its control, but has no obligation beyond such measures.

J. Transfer of assets

You agree that, without further compensation to you, in the event that some or all of the assets of Inland Telephone Company, Inc. relating to Inland Internet are sold or transferred, information about you may be a part of the assets sold or transferred.

K. Children’s Online Protection Privacy Act (COPPA)

Inland Internet does not direct any service or material to persons under thirteen (13) years of age and does not knowingly collect information from the persons under the age of thirteen (13).

L. Customer Proprietary Network Information

Inland Internet will comply with all applicable Federal Communications Commission rules requiring the protection of Customer Proprietary Network Information.