Lenore & Gifford

This rural area along the Clearwater river features farming and ranching as the primary industries. It is centrally located between the industrial areas of Lewiston and Clarkston to the west and the highly productive timber and milling center of Orofino to the east.

Lenore & Gifford

Services may not be available in all areas and are subject to address availability. Other restrictions may apply.

The Lenore service area is located along the Clear Water River in Nez Perce County in the north central portion of Idaho. This area is considered a bedroom community offering the attractiveness of rural living with the comforts of a nearby city. Inland Networks has been providing service to Lenore since 1965 and Direct Dial service since 1967. Inland Network offers Telephone, Internet, and Long Distance to the Lenore service area. The overall service area consists of approximately 94 square miles with 173 route miles of plant servicing 307 access lines.

Pricing effective February 1st 2024.

Internet Services
DSL Silver Internet Service – Up to 4Mb down/1Mb up$50.00/ per mo.
DSL Gold Internet Service – Up to 6Mb down$55.00/ per mo.
DSL Platinum Internet Service – Up to 10Mb down$65.00/ per mo.
DSL 1/20 – Up to 20Mb down$75.00/ per mo.
Modem Rental$4.00/ per mo.
Modem/wireless router Rental$8.00/ per mo.
Install fee for all DSL $60, waived with 1 year agreement
Fixed wireless up to 1Mbps up/5 Mbps down$30.00/ per mo.
Fixed wireless up to 1Mbps up/10 Mbps down$35.00/ per mo.
Fixed wireless up to 3Mbps up/15 Mbps down$50.00/ per mo.
Fixed wireless up to 5Mbps up/25 Mbps down$60.00/ per mo.
Fixed wireless up to 25Mbps up/25 Mbps down$75.00/ per mo.
Fixed wireless install fee $120

OR three mos service paid in advance

Telephone Services
Residential Rural Service$25.76/ per mo.
Business Rural Service$40.68/ per mo.
Measured Rural Rate Service

First 90 min local free, $0.03 per min. after

$18.00/ per mo.
Non published number$1.00/ per mo.
Non listed number$1.00/ per mo.
Caller ID Number only$3.95/ per mo.
Caller ID Name and Number$4.95/ per mo.
Last Call Return (Caller ID required)$3.00/ per mo.
Voicemail Basic$3.95/ per mo.
Voicemail Enhanced$4.95/ per mo.
Additional Voicemail Boxes$1.00/ per mo.
Teen Line Service$7.00/ per mo.
Additional calling features offered:
Call Waiting$1.00*/ per mo.
Three Way Call$1.00*/ per mo.
Call Forwarding$1.00*/ per mo.
Toll Denial$1.00*/ per mo.
Speed Calling: Choice of 8 or 30$1.00*/ per mo.
Account Code Verified

(Caller ID Required)

$1.00*/ per mo.
Anonymous Call Rejection

(Caller ID Required)

$1.00*/ per mo.
Distinctive Ringing

(Caller ID Required)

$1.00*/ per mo.
Caller ID Call Waiting

(Caller ID Required)

$1.00*/ per mo. 
Selective Call Acceptance

(Caller ID Required)

$1.00*/ per mo. 
Selective Call Rejection

(Caller ID Required)

$1.00*/ per mo. 

*$0.75 each for multiple features 

Taxes, fees, and other charges are not included in the above pricing. Installation fees may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Service may not be available in all areas. Activation of service may be subject to credit approval, deposit, or prepayment.  All pricing, packages, and programming are subject to change without notice.

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